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Import and export of vehicles in Georgia

russia may ban import of cars if west applies new sanctions amid ukraine trade war 660x330
After several years of sharp fall, exports of motor cars increased by 88.5%. In 2017, re-export of 29, 357 units of automobiles, which is 13,7 thousand more than in 2016. Armenia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan are the top three exporter of automobiles. According to the statistical data, in 2013 the export of Georgia was 703,9 million USD, in 2014 the figure has decreased to 517.7 million dollars, in 2015 the re-export of automobiles amounted to $ 179.6 million. As of 2016, 15, 566 automobiles were exported, which amounted to 166,633.7 thousand dollars. Out of this, Leading exporter country, where the largest number of vehicles were exported from Georgia, is Armenia -8,683 units, then comes Russia, where 1,824 cars were exported, Ukraine - 1,665, Azerbaijan - 1,330, Switzerland - 625 and United Arab Emirates - 437 units. Also, a small number of cars have been exported to Iran, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belgium and other countries.

2017 was good for exports In particular, 29, 357 cars have been exported, with a total price of 234,884.9 thousand dollars. From this, the exporting country was still Armenia, where the number of cars was almost doubled, compared to the previous year - 14,367 pieces. Then comes Ukraine, where the car has passed more than five times - 6,186 pieces. Three times more cars in Azerbaijan - 4,555, and twice as high as 2,717 in Russia. In 2017, Georgia exported a small number of cars in the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Belgium, China, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq and other countries.

Exports are decreasing since 2018. The reasons for this are called the regulations that have been activated in neighboring countries since 2018. Specifically, since January 1, 2018, the decision of the Azerbaijan government increased the tariffs of the customs clearance. In Armenia, since April 1, 2018, its’s forbidden to buy or sell, or export right wing machine.

Top 3 importing countries in 2016 – 2018 years

2016 year

2017 year

2018 year

The total value of imported cars in 2016 was 477,040 thousand dollars, in 2017 - 474,360 thousand USD. In comparison with statistical data, some interesting facts have been observed, in particular, the Japanese market, replaced the US market, the import of Germany has decreased by 3.5 times. Imports from Netherlands were significantly reduced, but instead of this doubled the import from Turkey and appeared another importing country- The Republic of Korea.
but what caused Japan to replace America ?
The Japanese stop, this country has moved ahead….Although to import cars from the US are not cheap, however, there are also relatively cheap ones that come in large quantities. These are hybrid cars, mostly "Toyota Prius". As for the European countries, import has significantly decreased. This has caused currency change in our country. The lari was deducted against the dollar and the euro. We buy cars in euro and we sell in dollars. Due to this, to import cars from Europe is quite expensive, but the price of the sale does not change.

Top 5 importing countires by import value '000 USD

1.Japan-240546(2016 year), 102589(2017year), 120538(2018 year)
4.United Arab Emirate-4560, 4102,3041

New Vehicle top 5 Brands Imported (Quantity, 2016-2018)

1.Toyota-5560 cars (2016 year), 5800 cars(2017 year), 5920 cars (2018 year)
2.Mercedes-benz-4500 cars, 4604 cars, 5100 cars
3.BMW-3700 cars,  3601cars, 4200 cars
4.Hyndai-3100 cars, 3330 cars,  4100 cars
5.Kia- 2100 cars,  2367 cars,  2400 cars
6.Total-18960 cars,  19692 cars,  21720 cars